Atlassian Summit is a software conference held annually, attracting thousands of technophiles from around the world interested in learning about the latest updates from Atlassian about their products and vision for the future. Summit Europe 2018 took place in Barcelona, Spain, where Customers, Partners, and developers, assembled to keep up with Atlassian’s latest innovation. By presenting not only important but surprising news, Atlassian succeeded in amping up the excitement about brand-new apps and partnerships. 
Let’s dive in! Here are some key takeaways as follows:
1/ Jira Ops + OpsGenie - powerful incident management
In order to centralize corporate incident management and response coordination, Atlassian has introduced a new project type called Jira Ops that will function as a unified incident command center. See more details around its features here. OpsGenie, a leader in incident alerting, has been recently acquired by Atlassian, which is a great support addition to Jira Ops. With such a powerful incident management platform, current IT teams will be far more flexible to respond and resolve incidents faster than ever before. Check out how to access Jira Ops early access in your Jira Cloud instance, set up Jira Ops and learn about other planned improvements to incident management within the Atlassian world including a brand new Incident Handbook.
2/ Atlassian in conjunction with Slack to integrate Confluence
The combination of Atlassian's prime collaboration products and Slack's communications platform helps customer make use of both features. Along with Slack apps for Jira, Bitbucket, and Trello, the new Confluence Cloud app for Slack has been launched, giving you a place to keep track of your work that is happening in Confluence from within Slack. We also said goodbye to Stride and Hipchat as they went the way of the dinosaur when Atlassian partnered with Slack. Hipchat and Stride will be discontinued after February 15th, 2019. Co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes acknowledged the challenge that this announcement poses to companies that will now need to migrate off of Stride and Hipchat to move to Slack or another solution. In fact, some companies have a requirement to host their own collaboration tools, and will need to compare other products before moving off of Hipchat because Slack is cloud-based. See more discussion on Atlassian Community around alternative products. Atlassian has also posted Migration Export information.  You can find more information about the partnership here and FAQs here. And more info on the Hipchat End of Life here.
3/ Announcement of Jira Software Server 8.0 – for Server and Data Center
Announcement of Jira Software Server 8.0 has been made by applying a number of changes to the user interface such as Lucene, Spring and Guava upgrades in order to enhance overall performance, together with some of features for users and admins. It is extra important that customizable batch e-mail notifications and a native mobile app for Jira Server developing into 8.0 version was introduced by Cameron Deatsch, Head of Server Business. In terms of Data Center, improved project configuration and custom field lists' UX have been launched lately, which will be shipped to Server as well. More info in this video.  
4/ New Data Centers - Why not?

It is undoubtedly true that Atlassian has been reaping huge benefits from the burgeoning technology industry so far. As more and more Atlassian customers scale their businesses, their instances also grow rapidly. As a result, a couple of new data centers in Ireland, Sydney, Frankfurt and Singapore are about to be launched to maintain the growing Cloud customer base. That's great news for Asia-based Atlassian Cloud customers and of course, us in Vietnam!

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