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Coca-Cola & Jira Service Desk

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Coca Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd. started its operation in 1994. It has plants in Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is the company's head office.
Coca Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd. is a 100% foreign-invested company. It is a subsidiary of the Bottling Investments Group (BIG) which is 100% owned and operated within The Coca Cola Company. BIG was established in 2004 with the purpose of building sustainable bottling businesses around the world. Today, BIG operates on four continents with one of the largest and most geographically diverse footprints, operating bottlers in countries around the world including Germany, China, Brazil and India.
Besides the world's most famous brand, Coca Cola, Coca Cola Beverages Vietnam also produces Fanta, Sprite, Minute Maid Splash (juice), Samurai (energy drink), Dasani (purified water), Nutriboost (fruit milk) and Schweppes (soda water, tonic).


The Coca-Cola Human Resources team handles all coming HR requests and issues through multiple support

channels such as email and phone. Prior to adopting Jira Service Desk, the team spent significant time looking for

customer contact information and multi-tasking across these channels, causing customers to suffer long response times and low satisfaction with the support experience. These inefficiencies also impacted the cost of service that the HR team was providing.


Another downside of the multichannel support was lack of visibility; reporting was only compiled manually, if at all,

so the team was not able to measure their progress on previous work completed, and Service Level Agreements

were not enabled. It was impossible to now how many requests in a given time period or how long we kept people waiting. Without SLAs the team lacked the accountability to motivate themselves to give a great customer experience. On the other hand, managers are not able to assess the current workload of the

team or to evaluate the performance of individual agents.


After an initial assessment the Candylio team recommended Jira Service Desk. The main benefit Coca-Cola

identified was the unified support channel. Customers could now email the Coca-Cola support team and the ticket

would populate inside the service desk. With Jira Service Desk, if a customer called in, the agent had the ability to

create the support request in the system while the customer is on the phone with them.

Candylio took the support portal to the next level by localizing and branding it. Having the local language on the

portal was of the utmost importance to Coca-Cola as all of the team's customers are located in Vietnam. Coca-Cola also didn't want any confusion as to whose portal its customers were entering so the Candylio team designed a vibrant yet comforting layout which matched Coca-Cola's branding rules.

With the new unified support portal, Coca-Cola was able to start measuring the success of its agents. Configuring

SLAs to match the team's goals helped the team start tracking. Depending on the priority of the ticket, different

SLAs were applied. Coca-Cola could now measure KPIs and act upon the team meeting or missing the various



CocaCola realized the benefits of implementing Jira Service desk immediately. Agents noticed a significant

decrease in risk of human errors which occurred from manually entering information into their old system. Not

only was there a decrease in risk but also a drop off in errors made by agents.

  • Improved customer response times and satisfaction.
  • Presenting the big picture to leadership and decision makers is key to ensuring a great user experience.
  • Reduced overhead costs associated with phone and email support.
  • Improved customer service through streamlined interactions.
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