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Digital Marketing team FECredit goes agile

· Khách hàng


FE CREDIT is a leading retail finance company in Vietnam with over 15,000 employees and partners operating around 63 provinces and cities nationwide. The company consists of 22 departments, 64 branches, 4,000 partners, and over three million customers. Their main businesses are consumer loans and credit cards.


The FE Credit digital marketing team handles marketing for all business units within the company. Currently the

are running 15+ campaigns and are constantly inundated with requests from stakeholders across the organization.

"The tasks are managed in excel sheets where each of the campaigns has its own tasks in a spreadsheet which is managed by a campaign manager. So, for 15 running campaigns there are 15 sheets.

It’s a very inefficient process, where the campaign manager needs to manually create tasks, assign the tasks, and then track them by sending excel sheets over email.

The status at times doesn’t get reflected correctly in the sheet due to manual errors, reporting mistakes, or communication gaps. It also leads to reduced productivity of a campaign manager where most of the effort goes into gathering and then then consolidating the statuses manually in an excel sheet.

Excel versions of tasks also lessen the tracking and hence the accountability with the individual task owners. A consolidated view of all excel sheets and their tracking at one place is a time-consuming task leading to loss of productivity." says Pradeep Sharma  Senior Manager Digital Advisory at Ernst & Young LLP

While the digital marketing team handles the checklists of all campaigns, campaign managers need to report up to

other managers, who likely want an update. Which means they need to:

  1. Ping other department heads and coworkers.
  2. Gather everyone and have (multiple) meetings.
  3. Send emails and forget to cc: someone important.

Pinging coworkers disrupts their focus, so you need to tip toe every time. Meetings can disrupt and use other team

member’s valuable time. And email – isn’t it just the worst trying to read everyone’s replies and forwards? Candylio

sees a lot of teams going through this pain. It ends in miscommunication, delayed deliverables, incorrect assets, and the same mistake being made over and over again when the deadline is imminent.


The Candylio team previously helped setup JIRA projects for the CEO office and the Product Sales marketing

Committee (PSMC). The PSMC has been using Jira for task tracking and approvals to provide business visibility and autonomy.

Seeing the value in Jira, the digital marketing team decided to expand the use of Jira to help improve speed and


The Candylio team helped setup JIRA projects and introduced a scrum framework to the marketing team.

The group uses Jira Software with epics to track campaigns, versions to define a quarterly focus, sprints for weekly task planning, and a Kanban board with quick filters to track daily task progress. Components are associated with department heads so that every task gets automatically assigned. The release hub shows all this summed up so that the marketing team can stay on top of everything when it's time to release a campaign.

Corrective action tasks are highlighted so that the team can pick up common themes or improvement areas.

Leveraging the Issue Template for Jira add-on by Deviniti, the team can create templates for each campaign type.

Now, for every new campaign it only takes a few clicks as opposed to manually entering every task, thus saving

time and effort.

Since there are 15+ digital campaigns happening in one quarter with many moving parts, we need to be sure that

the management team has answers to basic questions such as: How many campaigns are running this

quarter? What is the status for each of these campaigns? How many campaigns are complete? Is the budget

approved? Are the individual costs approved? Is the content designed and approved? Are the sales and IT team



Candylio helped configure Jira, provide training in agile marketing, coordinate fifteen marketing campaigns, and

align the team members across nine departments, resulting in increased efficiency for all marketing activities. The

Candylio team helped eliminate manual task assignment, handwritten checklists in not ebooks, redundant email updates, unnecessary chat messages, and frequent long meetings. Most importantly, with the newfound increased efficiency, the marketing team was able to enjoy their weekends as Jira handles their custom reporting with just a few clicks

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