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SwarmOS Case Study

Agile software development with Candylio

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SwarmOS is a leading agile consultancy based in Germany. They help small, medium, and enterprise clients transition from traditional to agile practices.

Industry: Agile Consulting

Enabling Agile Transformation for Enterprise Businesses with SwarmOS GmbH Business Benefits
  • Increased end-to-end visibility for managers and leaders using agile development
  • Improved focus on critical information such as customer and team satisfaction, cost, and capacity 
  • Greater efficiency by selecting which projects to focus on in your organization
  • Decreased project configuration time by giving users set parameters to setup projects
  • Limited administration oversight through team member assignments
  • Covered nearly all technical aspects of development so that swarmOS could focus on marketing

Enterprise agile software development relies on two key components: autonomy and transparency. With autonomy, organizations empower their teams and individual members to take control of their work and 'own' the task at hand. This manifests itself in hiring the right individuals who take pride in their work. Transparency, on the other hand, is more difficult to implement in large companies. Often times, companies rely on manual calculations which are slow and too frequently inaccurate. Candylio successfully delivered a solution that would enable project level transparency throughout an enterprise organization. The solution came in the form of two Atlassian Applications, which integrate with Jira and Confluence in order to reduce risk while increasing efficiency throughout a project lifecycle.


Candylio's challenge was to find a way to build two applications for Jira and Confluence Cloud which both integrate together and work independently. The goal of these applications was to increase project level transparency and decrease project setup time by providing standard workflow and field configurations for certain project types. Enterprise executives want to see the 'big picture' and drill down when individual issues arise. The impact of altering project scope in the long term was also important to users. In addition to this, the solution needed to work for software development and business projects. Due to the complexity of Atlassian APIs, swarmOS needed an experienced partner to build custom applications that continue it's agile transformation mission.


Candylio was engaged to analyze, manage, and deliver a solution that would enable agile transformation in an enterprise organization. The solution comprised of two Atlassian applications (formerly known as Atlassian add-ons). SwarmOS brought the design and Candylio brought the technical expertise.

The first was a project setup application that allowed managers to seamlessly configure a project by selecting standard and optimized resolutions, statuses, notifications, permissions, priorities, filters, and tracking to save time and allow the user to focus on more important tasks. The theory here was, most enterprises use the same workflow and schemes across many projects. By being able to configure the project just once, the organization can save time and money over the long run. This plugin is called Foundation.

The second application was an overview tool that helped managers and executives get a quick glimpse at how all their projects are going and where critical decisions needed to be made. SwarmOS realized that the standard Jira dashboard was not sufficient for managers to get a quick snapshot of all their projects. Therefore a solution was designed to measure target release dates, critical escalations that are threatening the project, blockers impeding the team's progress, velocity of the team, satisfaction of the customer and team, sprint progress, and cost. This plugin is called Cockpit.

In addition to the implementation of these tools Candylio was trusted as an advisor for the software architecture and key engineering decisions. Candylio's team of former Atlassian developers was relied upon throughout the development lifecycle. This allowed the swarmOS team to focus on the product management, design, and marketing while Candylio covered the development side.

Results and Benefits

The end result was two Atlassian Cloud applications that integrate with Jira and Confluence available on the Atlassian Marketplace. More importantly, swarmOS had a trusted partner throughout the development lifecycle. If a key decision needed to be made, Candylio was ready to advise on all options. If additional hours or team members needed to be dedicated to the project to ensure timely delivery, Candylio was ready to allocate the appropriate resources.

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