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On September 3rd 2019, Atlassian announced their most significant price increase to date.
What’s changing?

The price increase applies to the majority of Atlassian products across Server, Data Center and Cloud pillars as well as some Atlassian support services.

The impact of the rise largely depends on three factors, the products you have, your user levels and your future requirements.


New Licenses

  • Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Core will significantly increase in price (40-340% – dependent on user tier).

Existing Licenses

  • All existing Server licenses will be grandfathered from these new plans and will receive moderate price increases of 15% on upgrades and renewals.
  • All Atlassian-owned apps (Portfolio for JiraQuestions for ConfluenceTeam Calendars for Confluence) will receive moderate price increases of 15% on upgrades and renewals.
Data Center

New Licenses

  • 500 user tier in Jira Software will face a significant price increase of 70%
  • All other products and tiers will receive moderate price increases between 10-25%

Existing Licenses:

  • Jira Software and Confluence will receive moderate price increases between 10-25%
  • All other products and tiers will receive 10% increases

New Cloud Licenses

  • Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, and Bitbucket will receive price increases for 101+ monthly users/201+ annual users.
  • Percentage increase will vary by product and number of users.

Existing Cloud Licenses

  • All existing cloud licenses will receive a moderate increase at annual renewals as a way to ease into the change.
Why is Atlassian Doing this?

Atlassian have documented their reasons in this announcement.

How Candylio can help

As a Global Atlassian Gold Solution partner we’ve worked with customers ranging from small startups to multinationals since 2016. We’re proud of the fact we’ve been able to help users get the most from their Atlassian investment through our consultancy, hosting, training, licensing & support services.

As a trusted adviser, we take it upon ourselves to help Atlassian customers optimize their estate to obtain maximum value.

All you need to do is get in touch to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Account Managers who will be able to discuss your situation and help you navigate these changes.

Remember, when you contact us to share your SEN.

Important dates

For your convenience we’ve included important dates:

  • Price rise announced on 3rd Sep 2019
  • Price rise to take effect on 3rd Oct 2019
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