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Transforming Your Business with Tailored IT Solutions and Unmatched Support.

Choose us for expertly crafted, customized IT solutions backed by years of proven experience and dedication to client success. We are committed to elevating your business through innovative solutions and unwavering support.


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Welcome to your premier IT one-stop shop. We provide comprehensive technology solutions, including hardware, software, IT consulting, and support services. Let us help you streamline operations and enhance your digital capabilities with our tailored, reliable solutions.

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We are an authorized distributor of the complete range of Atlassian products, licenses and apps. Candylio also extends supplementary benefits to our local clientele, including tailored sales/trade agreements, flexible payment options, and attractive incentives for license renewals.

Solution Consultancy & Deployment Services

With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, we offer comprehensive consulting services and seamless deployment strategies. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process, ensuring that your objectives are met with efficiency and precision.

Apps Development

Our applications prioritize continuous feedback and iterative enhancements, effectively addressing teamwork challenges while enhancing work efficiency and collaboration. Renowned for their excellence, our featured apps consistently receive high ratings on the Marketplace, underscoring their effectiveness and value.

IT Manpower

We offer comprehensive solutions to meet with our partner’s needs around IT recruiting, services and products. Let us take care of your IT & HR matters with our know-how in the business & bring your entire organization up to speed with our expertise.

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We possess a profound understanding of our clients' business culture, vision, and industry objectives. Leveraging this insight, we develop customized solutions that prioritize reliability, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.


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