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Artificial Intelligence

We craft apps for seamless collaboration and efficiency, so you can focus on what really matters.

Our apps automate routine tasks and offer intuitive tools, letting you focus on strategic goals and innovation while we optimize your workflow.

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Subtle Shapes Transparent
  • Streamlined Approval Process

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Accountability

  • Compliance and Governance Assurance
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Approval for Jira

  • Real-time insights into your project

  • Know what your reporters really think

  • A product that performs for every team
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Satisfaction Survey for Jira

  • Analyzing and acting on customer feedback

  • Boost customer satisfaction

  • Customize the survey for your company with ease
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NPS Survey for Jira

  • 1 click to convert action item to jira task

  • Focus on what matters

  • Set Assignee & Due Dates
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Smart Tasks - Easy Jira Task Creation

  • Unique Home view for Kudos and to give Kudos to anyone

  • Give Kudos within a Jira issue

  • Customize Kudos for a project
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Kudos - Employee Recognition and Rewards for Jira

  • Define: who, what, when

  • Collaborate: Let your team upvote the best ideas

  • Collect every decision in one place
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Infavor - Collaborative Decision Polls for Confluence

  • Show your emotion on a content

  • Emotions summary dialog

  • Show your emotion on a comment
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Emotions for Confluence

  • Custom Field Type Based on Needs

  • Permission Configuration

  • Secure Your Field in All Screens
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Fields Permission for Jira

  • Seamless Integration of ChatGPT in Jira Workflow

  • Effortless Knowledge Sharing

  • Natural Language Interaction
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ChatGPT Integration for Jira

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